Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I am back with another recipe which i tried on my brother's birthday and he seriously loved these Brownies!

cooking chocolate  100 g
butter                      70 g
eggs (beaten)          1
castor sugar             1/2 cup
cocoa powder         3 tbsp
flour                        1/2 cup
salt                          1/4 tsp
vanilla essence         1 tsp

Preheat oven at 180 d. Grease your baking tin with butter and dust with some flour.
Melt chocolate over a water bath (double boiler) along with the butter.
When your chocolate and butter has melted completely. Take it off the heat let it cool a little bit then add the sugar and beat it well until sugar has dissolved then beat in the egg. After that mix in the vanilla essence for about 20 s then fold in the dry ingredients i.e (flour, salt, cocoa powder). Then pour the batter into the prepared baking tin. Let it bake for about 20 m or until a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean. This means your brownie is done. You can bake this too in the stone oven (described in my previous post)
This is a must try recipe. It is heavenly and very fudgy.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Joy of Baking

Hey everyone, hope you liked that pizza recipe and stone oven method. Well that was easy wasn't it?
Well let me get this clear that baking is not difficult at all its just a lil effort you have to put in and at the end its all worth it.
I started baking a few months ago, when i was baking for the first time i went a little afraid whether the cake will turn out good or not or what if I end up wasting all the things. But all these fears were gone when my cake can out of the tin. The recipe of the chocolate cupcakes that I posted months ago was the recipe i tried for the first time. 

Making food for friends and family has a powerful effect on both giver and receiver. But from my experience I have learned that in baking you have to be good with the measurements and ratios of all the things you put in or if you mess around with the quantity, your effort and everything will get wasted. Its a continuous process by time it gets better and better.
'Practice makes a person perfect'.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hey everyone,
                     hope everyone is doing well and wish you all a very Happy New Year may this year bring us lots of happiness and peace.

So since I am back after two whole months I will share a pizza recipe with you guys and during these two months thats what i did baking and baking. My new found obsession!
This recipe is especially for those people who don't have an oven
For the Pizza Dough:
Flour                    1 cup (heaped)
Instant Yeast        1 tbsp
Milk                     1/2 cup
Sugar                   1 tsp
Salt                      a pinch
Cooking oil          1-2 tbsp

For Pizza Paste:
garlic                    1 clove (chopped)
onion                    1 (sliced)
tomatoes               4-5
oregano                2 pinch
chilli flakes            1 tsp
salt                        to taste
sugar                    1/2 tsp
oil                         2 tbsp

For Topping:
boneless chicken   50 g
salt                        to taste
chilli sauce             2 tbsp
capsicum               1 large (sliced)
olives                     8-9
mushrooms            5 (sliced)
chilli flakes             1 tsp
mozarella cheese    1/2 cup grated
cheddar cheese      1/2 cup grated

Dissolve the yeast in luke warm milk along wid sugar and keep aside for 5 minutes until it gets frothy
After that mix it wid rest of the ingredients and knead them with warm water. After that brush it with some oil and keep it in room temperature until it gets double in size.

For the paste:
in boiling water make slits on the tomato from the top and put it in water for just 20 seconds (not more than that), then peel out the skin and slice it, take the seeds out and make a pury out of it.
Heat the oil and saute the garlic in it until golden brown, then add onions saute it more until its soft then add tomato pury you just made cook it until the extra water drys then add oregano, chilli flakes, salt and suger.
Cook it till its thick in consistency.

After the dow is double in size punch it and take the air out.
Roll it with rolling pin in the size of your pizza pan spread the sauce that you just made add a little cheese the the rest of your topping and finally spread all the cheese over it.

Now that's how it looks after doing all the topping
Now here comes the baking part people who dont have an oven can use a big saucepan fill the surface with stones of same size cover it with a lid and tuen on the heat of the stove on high preheat it for atleast 45 minutes before baking
Then you can put the prepared pizza in the saucepan and close the lid and turn the heat to medium.
Let it cook for 20 to 25 minutes.
And the oven owners can bake this at 230C for 5 minutes until it rises ythen lower the heat at 180C until the cheese melts and its nice and crusty.

This is how it looks after being baked. I personally baked it in a stone oven.
hope you'll try this recipe and give me your feedbacks.