Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Joy of Baking

Hey everyone, hope you liked that pizza recipe and stone oven method. Well that was easy wasn't it?
Well let me get this clear that baking is not difficult at all its just a lil effort you have to put in and at the end its all worth it.
I started baking a few months ago, when i was baking for the first time i went a little afraid whether the cake will turn out good or not or what if I end up wasting all the things. But all these fears were gone when my cake can out of the tin. The recipe of the chocolate cupcakes that I posted months ago was the recipe i tried for the first time. 

Making food for friends and family has a powerful effect on both giver and receiver. But from my experience I have learned that in baking you have to be good with the measurements and ratios of all the things you put in or if you mess around with the quantity, your effort and everything will get wasted. Its a continuous process by time it gets better and better.
'Practice makes a person perfect'.


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    1. Aww thankss alot for your feedback :))
      Do try my recipes and do tell how did they turn out.