Saturday, September 7, 2013

Step by Step ChocolateChip Cookies

So I haven't been posting any repices lately so I thought today is the day.

I only think that I have baked most frequently these days are Chocolatechip cookies. Thick chewy yummy chocolatechip cookies most delicious to taste yet very easy to make.
I bake these for my sister especially cuz she loves these she has it all the time :p

But I realized that I had already posted ChocolateChip Cookie's recipe so I'm going to do a step by step recipe now.
Because my sister baked these cookies last month with the same recipe but apparently the cookies turned put rock hard. I got me thinking why did that happen?
Then I realized my sister neglected a few important points of baking. Remember following the instructions accurately is very important because baking is just like a science experiment or like a math problem if you mess up with the quatity or procedure trust me the end results are not very pleasing. So stick to the recipe, read it carefully and then proceed.


Butter  melted (170 g)
Dark Brown Sugar  1 cup  
Castor Sugar  1/2 cup  
Egg  1  
Egg Yolk  1  
Vanilla Extract  2 tsp  
Chocolate Chunks  1 cup
Flour  2 cups+2 tbsp     
Baking Soda  1/2 tsp 
Salt (A pinch)


Preheat the oven to 165 degrees.

Line two cookie trays with parchment paper. 

Whisk the flour,baking soda and salt together in a medium bowl, set aside.

Melt the butter either on a stove-top or microwave it.
Ok now I must warn you here let the melted butter cool before adding the sugars because if you don't do that your cookies will turn out to be rock hard. That's what my sister did when she baked cookies so be careful.

Transfer the melted butter in the mixing bowl and mix the butter and sugars either by hand or with an electric beater until thoroughly blended. 

Beat in the egg, yolk and vanilla essence until combined.

Add the dry ingredients while beating a low speed keeps it from flying out of the bowl.

 Stir in the chocolate chunks.

Cover the bowl with a cling film and chill the dough in the refrigerator for an hour before baking.

Scoop the dough onto the lined cookie tray, leaving plenty of room for spreading.

Bake for 15 to 17 minutes or until the edges are lightly golden brown. Pull the cookies from the oven while they are still slightly underbaked and let them set for 10 minutes on the hot baking sheet. The cookies will finish baking as they sit. Doing this ensures moist, chewy cookies. After the cookies are cooled you can store it in an air-tight container.

Monday, August 19, 2013

In the Middle of Nowhere

I do realize that being the youngest at home I get whatever I want whenever I ask for it, in a nutshell I get everything on a silver platter.

Though my elder siblings didn't have all these things I now have when they were my age. So in a way I should be grateful that I have someone to look upto when I need help or advice.

But I have been noticing being the youngest is kinda tough cuz you're are tied with the strings of expections that you'll do good just like your siblings did. Every now and then I am being compared to what great thing my siblings did when they were my age be it in terms of academic result or being successful in life. Its like my opinion doesn't matter when I am choosing something for myself. Sometimes I even feel invisible when m sitting amongst them.

The thing is one needs to understand that all fingers of a hand are not equal. Each child has his/her own speed of learning and has different interests and opinions. Comparing a child to their elders only discourages his/her self confidence.
To be clear there's a huge difference between comparing and setting an example so please don't get me wrong.
Well by the way I ended up choosing BBA :( though I've had always wanted to pursue fine art or culinary arts.
My college ended in May so I didn't get much time to think about what I'd like to do ahead.

The other day I heard my sister telling a confused teenager who was seeking her advice for universities that take time six months or maybe a year to think about what your want to do what career path you'd like to go for because end of the day it doesn't matter if your year is wasted. What matters the most is that you choose the right thing make the correct decision because once youget into it there's no coming back.

That's exactly what she said and this got me thinking that when she said all this did it apply on me cuz from what I remember I hardly got 10 days. And was pushed into something I would never have chosen in the first place plus I easily got manipulated.
Khair its the choices we make I shouldn't really blame anyone.

My point is people in our society like to give lectures cuz everyone's an expert on everything.

But the other day apparently a concerned reader who happened to read my "Stuck in a Dilemma" post gave me an awesome piece of advice though its was a bit late now since I've already made my decision. But sometimes it feels good when getting a helpful advice even though its coming from a complete stranger.

But well its certainly not the end of life  I have a habit of exagerrating and overthinking everything I can still do whatever I want afterwards for instance go to Le-Cordin Bleu and open my own baking chain someday :p

And see I've learnt that everything has a bright side as well as a dark one. So I'll start looking at the brighter sides of BBA.
Though its not easy the only way is to start loving it.
And its like falling in love after getting married :p
Lol :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stuck in a Dilemma

No matter what you study or whichever field you choose, it always comes down to one question i.e “Will you get suitable job opportunities for going into a particular field?” Some people might judge me on this statement but that’s not how I think but I am rather forced to think that way by our own society.
After passing out from college you have loads of things to look forward to, a whole new chapter of life is about to begin. From university applications to aptitude tests it all seems good. But when it comes to choosing fields apart from medicine, business studies, engineering, LLB every university has loads to offer but well you are forced to choose the field ‘jis mein aapko koi achi naukri mil jaye.’
Like seriously it’s so difficult for me to understand this mindset of people. Since I’ve always wanted to pursue arts but well there’s not a single day when I don’t get to hear that art is pure waste of time and there’s no scope for arts blah blah blah. People can be so discouraging. I’ve already regretted two years in college by choosing pre-medical even though I had least interest in it. Now I don’t want to make another four years of my life hell just so that I get a good job.
Some of you must be thinking that I am exaggerating but well I am just concerned. While seeking advice from a senior who’s also studying in an art school she advised me not to waste my time on something that doesn't fulfill or satisfy me. There are plenty of jobs available in all fields of art it’s just a matter of marketing myself. Making money should not be a priority right now as a prospective university student; instead I should just focus on being successful.
So I am just confused because my family is pushing me to do BBA and I want to pursue a career in arts. SO that really puts me into a difficult position. The other day I even considered the option for BBA and well I started checking its courses and bloody hell they just sounded so dull and boring. How can I even do accounts, economics and what no -____-  
So I hope I figure out the solution to my problem soon. But here’s an advice for you, do what you really want to do, because you don’t want to regret your decision afterwards. J

Monday, February 18, 2013


Three more months to go for the college to get over. Phew what a relief!
These two years in college passed with the wink of an eye and it seems like yesterday. Well to be really honest my two years in college weren't very pleasant for me.
In the journey of life you make many friends and not all of them are bound to stay with you forever. Some are the fake one (the ones who are great at pretending) and some are those who genuinely love you for who you are.
It's very important to have a good company be it your school, college or workplace or it bacomes hell to survive there. In these two years of college I've encountered different categories of people, the sweet loving ones, the bossy one and especially the fake and wannabee people. Unfortunately ,y college is full of such people.
For instance people who pretend to be my good caring friends and are so sweet on my face I've actually heard them backbiting about me. Is it jealousy or hatred?
I mean I really despise these rituals of fake friendship. I sometimes wish one could just claw each other's eyes out and call it a day instead of putting huge radiant smiles and sprouting compliments until our teeth hurt with the saccharine sweetness of it all.
Why can't people just act real what's the point of putting up a good act and trying to be sweet. What are they trying to prove?
While I still ponder about these questions. 
Till then bubye :)
P.S will be posting about my baking experiences soon :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

PAINTING, A Canvas To My Imagination

Life goes on and another year has started. Time passes with the wink of an eye and here I am. Before coming to college I never realized that I was so much into arts because I had buried my dreams under a pile of sand because I was trying to live upto other’s expectations. All I had in mind was that I want to become a successful doctor just because I watched a couple of seasons of House M.D a medical T.V show which inspired me to choose medical. But that was all temporary I guess.

I’ve met many people in my life who have inspired me a lot. Sometime in the journey of life you met certain people who leave an everlasting effect on you, who influence you a lot, with whom you share mutual interests, and who inspire you to follow your dreams no matter what the consequences are. They are just like free birds that don’t give a damn about the world and are really happy in their own lives.

I as a child always aspired to become an artist cuz I’ve always been indulged in arts. In kindergarden what started as drawing wobbly figures has become one of my passions. But most of the time I am seeking approval and trying to live upto other’s expectation. I often get told by my sister that I am not creative or the people around me that painting and drawing are just pure waste of time.

Arts provide all kind of beauty in our world. Sometime you don’t realize that we have arts everywhere. The chair you are sitting on right now was designed and constructed by someone, the shoes you are wearing is also art, the music you listen to was composed by someone. So just take a look around yourself for a minute you’ll see art in every tiny little thing. Not having art is just like living in a black and white world trust me.

Art for me is communication is a creative and artistic way. I like to draw or paint with soft music playing in the background. For me it’s like digging deep down into my emotions, either from my subconscious or something that is affecting my life right at this moment and bringing them out on the canvas. I love to express myself through pencil, colours and with my brush strokes.

“Art washes away from your soul the dust of everyday life.”

When people say to me that I’m wasting my time in arts it just disheartens me. So I ignore such people cuz I seriously don’t feel the need to explain myself to others. Art is like meditation to me it stimulates my mind as I throw all my emotions on a blank piece of paper. Art is an opportunity to express what you think, what you feel, what you love or hate, what you admire from the past, what you wish to change and whatever you admire.

And each one of us has a different perspective of seeing things which is based on different experiences, our surroundings and beliefs and when you paint transfer a part of yourself on the canvas. Your art reflects your personality, your goals, how you perceive things and it inspires others.

“Every artist dips his brush in his soul and paints his own nature into his picture”

Many of us don’t find the things that we are really good at, just because we aren’t given the freedom to explore. And art is one such thing that helps us in discovering our talents. So remember if you are good at something and it gives you happiness pursue it, always follow your intuitions and let it bring happiness throughout your life.

“No matter what people say there’s creativity is everyone”

Here are few of the things that I drew randomly :)