Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nobody Understands...

There comes a time in life when you desperately want to share your feelings, express yourself to someone cuz all this time you've been bottling up your thoughts. It's just so difficult to talk to somebody because nobody would understand you better than yourself. 

Even if you do share your thoughts, they'd think you are a piece of boring shit whose always confused and whining. Everybody seems too busy or they are least bothered.

You can't seem to find a reason for your existence, sometimes you really need a shoulder to cry on, a reassuring smile which tells you that don't worry everything's going to be just fine. 

Looking around for a friend, who once used to see your worried face and could tell that something is wrong. It's weird how people make promises and forget them so easily, or pretend that they care, but they don't, say they'll always stick around but they don't.

Being alone feels best most of the times, infact even when you're among people your mind is wandering somewhere else. 

Sometimes scribbling on a piece of paper feels better then actually talking to someone.

Here I am lying down, looking up, watching the sky with the winds blowing, the space above me, closet to heavens, and most beautiful and majectic at night. 

It's just like meditation like a stress releasing therapy. Sometimes that's all you want to do, listen to soft music, look up to  the sky, and contemplate or just cry. 

The sky is sometimes seen as vast and empty but all I see is a gigantic doorway to adventures and dreams.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Nothing seems to go my way  
Frustrated as always  
I try to love and live happily  
But all has become a distant reality now,  
A momentary pleasure  
Sifting through the old memories,  
It's nostalgic  
Trapped in a place where there is no way out  
All this bitterness in these shrouds of darkness  
They seem to spread like poison  
I ask myself again and again
Why me?  
But all I hear is the sound of silence.

Friday, May 16, 2014


When everything is going just fine something has to go wrong. Is it like the universal law of life or something?
I don't know but it's bothering me alot.
This semester started off just fine, I actually made nice friends for a changing, started trusting people, made good memories,our laughter, lame jokes and god knows what not.
And I actually felt like going to university, I had that urge k 'nai aaj chutti nai karni'.
But I guess my happiness is bound to not last longer. I am not being cynical at all, but that's how it is.
All of a sudden from the past 3 weeks since I started working, my friends have been giving me cold shoulders, just when the semester is about to end. Weird isn't it? Why do I always come across back-stabbing and fake people. And why do they always come up to me when they need help.

I've always listened to everybody, I was always there when they had nobody to pour their heart too, but when I need somebody I hardly ever find anyone.
Loyalty is something I treasure truly. But I don't get it in return. 
Sometimes I really wish I had super-powers, so that I could read minds as to what do they actually think about me so that I wouldn't really have to keep up with their fakeness. Being among a bunch of people I call friends , these days I feel as if m standing with a bunch of strangers. I'd rather be alone.
Sometime I just feel like escaping, going somewhere far away. If only I could do whatever the hell I wanted to do, listen to my heart, follow my dreams.
Baking is something that I love doing, I can never say no to it. But these days I don't even do that.
Have been bottling up my feelings lately cuz there's nobody to listen to my crap anyways.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Peace Arts Competition

Hey guys,
Hope everyone is doing fine :)
So as I mentioned earlier I've been busy with my internship these days which is going great, I actually don't feel like leaving that place anymore. Though my studies are getting neglected but khair hai. I have been working on the Peace Arts Competition organized by the Charter for Compassion which took place in korangi areas and targeted the korangi schools.

It feels so good to be a part of a good cause, and especially when it has something to do with arts, something I totally love. So there were 10 workshops in total, 2 workshops in one day. Gosh it was a tough job I tell you with scorching heat in Karachi but was fun at the same time. I used to get migranes almost everyday. :D
These workshops catered about 200 children and adults where art  instructors volunteered and taught the participants various drawing and painting techniques. Participants were provided with art kits by the Charter for Compassion during the workshops. This workshop went on from 26th April to 1st May.
And the enthusiasm children showed there was beyond amazing. So much talent that has been neglected all along. The topics for the art competition were 'Fruits of Peace' and 'Roots of Peace'.
Though I was not supposed to participate but I still made a painting cuz I couldn't resist my temptation to paint but that painting doesn't count haha because I made it for my own satisfaction.