Monday, October 27, 2014

That One Friend.....

In life at times we get so busy chasing our dreams, our careers that we often get blinded. Blinded by hate, selfishness, our minds start revolving around technology, we become materialistic. We stop realizing or noticing the people around us. We only start thinking about ourselves, all we think about is I, what I want to do, what I have done, how I feel. And when that happens things eventually start going wrong. We start hurting our loved ones, our friends and family.
There comes a time when you have achieved everything that you wanted but you still feel empty. You still feel incomplete. You still feel unsatisfied.
I've come across alot of people who became my very good friends at some point in life, I actually started thinking that they'd stick with me for good but when time came they showed their true colours. And those same people now don't even bother saying hi. 
At times you befriend such people in life who make you forget everything, people with whom every minute seems beautiful, and you just want the time to freeze, with them nothing else seems important. They understand your unspoken words, they seem to read your mind everytime there's a wrinkle in your forehead. They can see your eyes and tell that you're scared, they know when you're happy, they know when you're sad. Talking to them for a few hours erases all your stress, it's just like meditation. They understand what nobody else does. With them every minute seems worth it.

If all you guys have that one friend who completely understands you, you're lucky, value them. Because trust me all your life you'll come across the most selfish people ever and you'll never know who has your best interests at heart.
So don't get too lost in your life that you stop noticing who and what matters the most.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Confessions Of An Introvert.....

So here I am after a month of hectic days. Hello there people Eid Mubarak! Yes I know I am late but something is better than nothing cuz all this time I was buried under drawing assignments still am haha that's my life now.
But I am truely loving it now so no more complains :P
And thanks to all those who commmented on my previous post unfortunately due to blogger issues I am unable to publish my replies.
Well eid days weren't really great for me, in short I don't really fancy festive days or family gatherings hehe instead I'd rather be in my pjs and in my room reading a book maybe or painting. No I am not depressed or lonely or sad or anti-social at all.
I just don't like talking and smiling alot why don't people get that.
So university has been pretty hectic lately I made friends after three to four weeks passed by. Yes you can say I'm very slow at this. 
Whenever my classes get over the half an half that I get until my van comes is more likely the time in which I sit down, look around and contemplate. I like to look for things that no one else catches.
But at times I get weird expressions from my friends when I tell them that it's alright with me if I am sitting alone this is the gist of being misunderstood as an introvert. And it happens a lot.
I wouldn’t say being an introvert is all about wanting to stay inside, read books, and never interact with other humans ever again; introverts simply acknowledge that they evolve and grow best when they’re alone. Sometimes, my friends think the cool things I want to do are lame, but that doesn’t stop me from doing them on my own anyway. I like being alone, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

At time people think it's a pity that I am sitting alone. The one thing that totally annoys me to death when people think that way. Not everybody is an extrovert. Most of my new friends bunk their classes to go for group outings and gatherings while I choose not to go since bunking is not okay with me. They think m missing out on all the cool things.
I don’t think I miss out on anything, because I get to do anything I want, disruption-free, instead. I just plan my time and activities very well and make the most of it.

At times our friends think we introverts are boring and have no life just because we don’t do whatever is considered cool or sociable.   We just have our different worlds, that’s all: Ours exist in books, libraries, the beach, in meditation. Our lives are always there, in and within.