Monday, November 3, 2014

Ignorant as always...

I like being weird. Is it weird that I like being weird or being weird is too weird?
Okay that's too many weirds in one sentence. Okay I'll shutup :P

Well I don't know I just can't help it maybe it's one of my many personality disorders haha. At times people say I am a closed book because they find it very hard to understand me or the way I think. At times I am so sure that my friends might even think that m an alien from another planet but they don't say it out loud though. Well to be honest nobody can understand me, not even me at times.

The other day I was just reading an art book which my sister got for me from her visit to Florence, its related to famous paintings and sculptures. And to be honest after reading it I felt like I was born in the wrong era.
Just looking at their paintings and sculptures especially I couldn't stop being fascinated. A sculpture which looked like actual human flesh. It's just mind-boggling when you come of think of it.
When I talk about art and art history like that nobody really understands except for my sister.

I mean come to think of it art covers literally every subject, be it science, geometry, maths, chemistry everything yet we still take it as an unimportant academic subject.
The golden ratio, almost all the famous paintings even things in nature are based on the golden ratio, apparently its a mathematical figure. Even photography is based on it. Google it you'll know.
Take human body for example it's the biggest piece of art. What else do you want as a proof?
Our face is composed of different geometrical shapes, our eye is that one of those many creations that fascinates me more than anything, it appears as solid yet it's fluid. It's like a natural camera.

You know what our real problem is? The real problem is that we've stopped using our brains, we've stopped thinking. If we actually start thinking about these things we'll find the answers of those many unanswered questions we used to ask ourselves before. Everything is right there in front of us simple and clear yet we make it so complicated.

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