Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Living the moments

Life is a big mystery, one just doesn't know what's gonna happen next, yet we still try to live in the future planning years ahead of us or maybe live in the past regretting the mistakes we've made or reminiscing those joyful memories instead of living the moments

That's what we do most of the time isn't it?

We've forgotten what it's like to live in the present. We drag ourselves out of our beds everyday dull, tired and grumpy, following the usual routine so sick and tired of our lives. 
We have the chance to make anything right but instead we'll just sit around and regret what we did wrong.
You know life is full of surprises, you never know when and where but truly there are surprises anywhere or everywhere. Well good or bad surprise I can't really say. 
Turn that corner you could meet a new friend, turn another corner there could be a job opening somewhere waiting for you. 
Turn around maybe you'll find the book you've been looking for so long but couldn't find it anywhere. 
Saying someone goodbye without even knowing that it could be your last goodbye.
You know that's life.
We just don't know what's gonna happen. 
And knowing all this, we neglect those things or those people who matter the most in our lives. We are just so busy being self-centred.

Open your drawer where there lies a book you never even wanted to read . Read that, you might end up loving every bit of it.
Try out something new,  you never know you might be good at cooking or painting or lets say computers or you might even be good at writing poems.
Just try, how would you know if you don't even try. You might end up finding a new talent hidden inside you which you didn't even know existed..

We've trapped our lives in this tiny screen called cellphones, I mean what's the point of any of this. Telling people what your life is like or what are you upto. Well trust me nobody gives a shit about it. Nobody will show up at your doorsteps when you need them.
End of the day nobody cares except for family or a few close friends.

There's so much out there to explore. You don’t want to miss it, do you?  Yet, we have stopped looking and we are missing it every day. We walk right past life’s surprises in the rush and rut of our routines.  We are just stuck in our daily routines or long-term promises. It could be we just stopped believing in surprises altogether.
At times I just feel like packing my bags and going somewhere. I don't know where but out of this place for sometime somewhere where everyone is unfamiliar.

Yes that's me wanting to explore the unexplored beauty out there.