Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The phrase 'Best Friends'?

We'll be Best Friends Forever.
Usually this is the promise we make on the last day of our schools, thinking no matter what goes on in our lives we'll stick together. But little do we know that as our life unravels to various event these promises are left meaningless.
We growup.
We keep meeting new people everyday and sooner or later those best friends are left just as a contact on our phone lists.
That's not the case with 'best friends' only, even friends. You wouldn't even know how soon they would forget you.
They would just go on with their lives without realizing the damage that has been done. They never look back.
The word 'best friends' is just overrated
I've come across loads of people and they just manage to disappear after a while. For a long time I thought I had done something wrong but I was wrong.
You know how people adore you for the things you do or for how you look. They shower you with so many compliments for your work. It does make you happy right? Well I'm sure it would make anyone happy, even me.

But then again what really gets me wondering is the fact that if they really like me for real. 

Each one of us needs someone to listen to us, no matter how annoying we can get or how lame our jokes can be. They enjoy our company no matter what. And no matter how much we deny it we all need somebody to listen to us.

Cuz it usually gets weird when all those happy and bad feelings slowly start bottling up inside you. And you're on the verge of exploding. And you start to feel claustrophobic of everything and everyone.
Either in tears or just anger.
At times I find myself at the old places cuz I don't want to forget the memories that have already been made and forgotten by many. 

Well I guess sometimes we fight for somethings only to discover by the time we get it our goals been changed, for some of us it's too late, the lines have been drawn, and the damage has been done.

But other times you always get the thing you wanted  only to find out it isn't what you really need.

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