Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Riddle

She never asked anyone to come into her life but people just found there way in somehow. I guess she was just like that painting, all colourful and bright on the outside, everyone wanted to get to know and for some reason when they did they were just disappointed cuz maybe getting to know her was not interesting enough. 

They eventually lost interest, that interest went away along with themselves just like a cologne slowly fades away, making her question her own personality. Maybe she was just not good enough.

She was so busy being herself that she forgot that that's not how people wanted to see her. She was just like a cologne, temporary. Always replaced by a  new one after sometime. After some time she just began to understand that she enjoyed her own company solely, much more than running after people for approval, experiences and answers to questions she did not know she was asking. 

Even if solitude was her choice there was always an unsettling feeling, some sort of fear, an unfinished business which even she didn't know about. Or maybe she did. Who knows


  1. Oh my gosh, nostalgic, i wish i just remain there, for ever.
    grown up now, reality has touched me [hard], fact is, can't go back. :(
    [riddle] no, no no. ... be moderate, be strong, keep believing in yourself. and wait. ........... and this all is not easy !

    (came here as i was subscribed from a puff-pastry comment, 2012)