Monday, August 7, 2017


She met you just like she met any other person in my life. People who stay and some who don't.
Little did she know that she would get used to your presence.
You were like an unexpected storm.
Pretty much the most unusual person she had ever had the chance of meeting.
But as times passed even the longer times spent with you seemed shorter.
The awkward silences weren't so awkward anymore.
She felt happy around you
She felt the need the assurance to know that you were there in her life even if your presence was non-existent.
She never asked for anything because she knew you well.
She knew it would push you away
To her it didn't matter how weird and unusual your thoughts were or how boring you thought she was, she wanted to know you, the real you and love you for you

At times we choose to fall in love with people who will never love us back. Why would we do such indelible things?

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