Saturday, February 5, 2011

Butter Cookies

Hey everyone,
Hope you all are doing good and yeh I am back with another recipe which I tried today only and seriously the whole house smells like bakery.
Butter cookies! Ah the name tells it all these cookies are as heavenly as they sound they are sweet, buttery and delicious. The more it tastes good the more it is easier to make. You can make these two ways either make a log and cut it with a knife or roll it out and cut what ever shapes you like. So starting off with the ingredients we have:
Butter                75 g (at room temp)
Castor sugar      2 oz
Flour                 2/3 cups (if the dow is still sticky you can always use a bit more of it)
Vanilla Essence  1/2 tsp
Salt                   a pinch
Egg yolk            1

Beat the butter with an electric beater until creamy then add the castor sugar and salt till its smooth and creamy. Then add the egg yolk before adding it to the butter beat it separately with a drop of vanilla essence so that the smell goes away then you can add it to the butter mixture and bat till its incorporated in the butter.
Then you can sieve in the flour and make it into a dow. Now make a log out of the dough and cover with butter paper and refrigerate for atleast 1 and a half hour.
After that slice it into cookies and bake in a preheated oven at 220 C for 10 to 12 m till the edges are firm and golden brown.
You can bake this in the preheated stone oven too but on top of the stones place a wire stand then the baking tray or your biscuits will get burn. in this the biscuits will take atleast 15-20 minutes to bake.
Let them cool and its ready to serve.

Like I said its all worth it at the end.

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