Friday, June 24, 2011


Long time i have been busy with lots of stuff first I got over with exams and now half of my vacations went by just like this but any how i got admission at Agha Khan College where I always wanted to go. And from next week I'll be taking baking classes so really looking forward to that.
But I still have a recipe to share with you guys so here it is: 

Milk                        1/2 cup
Yeast                       1 and a 1/2 tbsp
Butter                      1/3 cup
Castor sugar            3 tbsp
Egg                         1
Flour                       1 cup
Baking powder        1 tsp
Salt                          1/2 tsp

Mix yeast in warm milk and set aside for five minutes.
Beat the butter and sugar until pale then add the egg and baet for another 20 seconds.
Add in the flour, baking powder. salt and the yeast mixture and knead into a dough.
Keep it in a warm place for an hour till its double the size.
Then roll the dough in 1/4 inch thick and cut donuts by using 2 cookie cutters, large to cut the donut circle and small to cut the centre. Place donuts in a large tray, cover and let it sit for another 3o minutes.
Heat oil in a deep pan and fry the donuts until golden brown.Let them cool.

Cream                      2 tbsp
Cooking Chocolate   1 cup
Cocoa Powder         1 tbsp
 Melt the chocolate in the double boiler along with the cream.
When its melted stir in the cocoa powder and let it cool so that it comes to the right consistency to ice the donuts.
When cooled dip one sid of the donuts in the chocolate mixture, this will also set in a few minutes.
Now you donuts are ready to serve! 

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