Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chicken Patties

So, on my last post I promised that I'll post recipes which use puff pastry so I made these Chicken Patties in the month of Ramadan for iftar because honestly speaking I was completely sick of having fried items every frikin day. So I decided to try something different.
And the chicken patties came out perfect.
And you know what every time I try something new it always turns out to be more than what I expected.
Seriously I mean it when I try the same thing for the second or third time I always get something wrong.

After seeing that my chicken patties were such a hit. I decided to make it for my cousins who were coming over to my place for iftar. And on that very particular day something went wrong with my oven while my Chicken Patties were still in the oven not baked to perfection. The puff pastry I made didn't have that nice and crisp layers, and was a bit undercooked.

But my cousins they praised me for making it. Anyways back to where we were - The Chicken Patties yeah.
So enough said here's the recipe:

Did I tell you I take photographs of my food from every frinkin angle :)
Well that's me :)


For the Chicken Filling:
Boiled Chicken   2 cups shredded
Milk                  1 cup
Salt                  as required
Black Pepper      2 and a 1/2 tbsp or as required
Oil                    2 tbsp
Flour                 2 tbsp
Onion                1 medium chopped

In a fry pan pour some oil and in it saute the chopped onion for a minute or two or until its soft and transparent. Then put in the flour and stir for a few seconds then add in the chicken along with the seasoning then add in the milk and let it cook until it get really thick in consistency. 
Take it out in a bowl and let it cool.

In the meanwhile roll the puff pastry lightly with the thickness of 1/8 cm. And cut it out with a round cutter. And put int on a lined baking tray. Grease the edges with egg and place a spoonful of the chicken filling in the centre. Cover the top with another piece of pastry cut in the same shape. Press the edges until its firmly sealed. Give it an egg wash (greasing the entire thing with egg to give it a nice shine)
Bake it in a preheated oven at 200 degree centigrade for 25-30 minutes or until its raised and brown in colour.

After 25-30 minutes ta-da your treat is ready!
Enjoy :)

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