Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stuck in a Dilemma

No matter what you study or whichever field you choose, it always comes down to one question i.e “Will you get suitable job opportunities for going into a particular field?” Some people might judge me on this statement but that’s not how I think but I am rather forced to think that way by our own society.
After passing out from college you have loads of things to look forward to, a whole new chapter of life is about to begin. From university applications to aptitude tests it all seems good. But when it comes to choosing fields apart from medicine, business studies, engineering, LLB every university has loads to offer but well you are forced to choose the field ‘jis mein aapko koi achi naukri mil jaye.’
Like seriously it’s so difficult for me to understand this mindset of people. Since I’ve always wanted to pursue arts but well there’s not a single day when I don’t get to hear that art is pure waste of time and there’s no scope for arts blah blah blah. People can be so discouraging. I’ve already regretted two years in college by choosing pre-medical even though I had least interest in it. Now I don’t want to make another four years of my life hell just so that I get a good job.
Some of you must be thinking that I am exaggerating but well I am just concerned. While seeking advice from a senior who’s also studying in an art school she advised me not to waste my time on something that doesn't fulfill or satisfy me. There are plenty of jobs available in all fields of art it’s just a matter of marketing myself. Making money should not be a priority right now as a prospective university student; instead I should just focus on being successful.
So I am just confused because my family is pushing me to do BBA and I want to pursue a career in arts. SO that really puts me into a difficult position. The other day I even considered the option for BBA and well I started checking its courses and bloody hell they just sounded so dull and boring. How can I even do accounts, economics and what no -____-  
So I hope I figure out the solution to my problem soon. But here’s an advice for you, do what you really want to do, because you don’t want to regret your decision afterwards. J


  1. oh well I am big supporter of that, a victim of sorts too. I wanted to persue literature but during my time that wasn't even an option for me. If I have to support my family I have to take sciences and I ended up being a software engineer. I hate it to simply put it. I agree, Please pick the thing that you like rather than something that may get you a job.

  2. Everything happens for a reason.. art is in your blood running warm in your veins.. no one can take that away from you, you'll do something big one day hopefully. best wishes :)

    1. Yeah well you're right that's why I've accepted the fact that there must be a reason that m doing BBA now.
      I.A :)