Monday, August 19, 2013

In the Middle of Nowhere

I do realize that being the youngest at home I get whatever I want whenever I ask for it, in a nutshell I get everything on a silver platter.

Though my elder siblings didn't have all these things I now have when they were my age. So in a way I should be grateful that I have someone to look upto when I need help or advice.

But I have been noticing being the youngest is kinda tough cuz you're are tied with the strings of expections that you'll do good just like your siblings did. Every now and then I am being compared to what great thing my siblings did when they were my age be it in terms of academic result or being successful in life. Its like my opinion doesn't matter when I am choosing something for myself. Sometimes I even feel invisible when m sitting amongst them.

The thing is one needs to understand that all fingers of a hand are not equal. Each child has his/her own speed of learning and has different interests and opinions. Comparing a child to their elders only discourages his/her self confidence.
To be clear there's a huge difference between comparing and setting an example so please don't get me wrong.
Well by the way I ended up choosing BBA :( though I've had always wanted to pursue fine art or culinary arts.
My college ended in May so I didn't get much time to think about what I'd like to do ahead.

The other day I heard my sister telling a confused teenager who was seeking her advice for universities that take time six months or maybe a year to think about what your want to do what career path you'd like to go for because end of the day it doesn't matter if your year is wasted. What matters the most is that you choose the right thing make the correct decision because once youget into it there's no coming back.

That's exactly what she said and this got me thinking that when she said all this did it apply on me cuz from what I remember I hardly got 10 days. And was pushed into something I would never have chosen in the first place plus I easily got manipulated.
Khair its the choices we make I shouldn't really blame anyone.

My point is people in our society like to give lectures cuz everyone's an expert on everything.

But the other day apparently a concerned reader who happened to read my "Stuck in a Dilemma" post gave me an awesome piece of advice though its was a bit late now since I've already made my decision. But sometimes it feels good when getting a helpful advice even though its coming from a complete stranger.

But well its certainly not the end of life  I have a habit of exagerrating and overthinking everything I can still do whatever I want afterwards for instance go to Le-Cordin Bleu and open my own baking chain someday :p

And see I've learnt that everything has a bright side as well as a dark one. So I'll start looking at the brighter sides of BBA.
Though its not easy the only way is to start loving it.
And its like falling in love after getting married :p
Lol :)


  1. Seriously? BBA? What happened to being a lawyer?
    Usama Sam Aslam

    1. Yes BBA -.- Well shit happens its actually complicated

  2. Best of luck for your Le-Cordin Bleu dream :D