Friday, January 3, 2014

Feeling Abandoned

''There are those who never get time out of their busy schedules to talk to you, there are those who talk to you only when they have work from you and then there are those who never even look at their schedules and are always there for you when you need them''.

Just take a minute off whatever you are doing right now and look around yourself. If you are sitting among a group of people whom you call friends or just having a casual chat over lunch or coffee with an office colleague or just simply reading this post.

Just think about this are all those people you call friends really your FRIENDS?

Do they really care for you? 

Have you ever really given this a thought?

If not, you better should because no matter how much you deny it out of that big pool of people, there must be only a few handful of people who genuinely care for you and has your best interests at heart, the rest of them uhh well lets just say they have motives to talk to you and when that motive is fulfilled they are likely to turn their backs on you.

I am not being cynical here, but that is the reality whether you like it or not. The world is a selfish place, it's not fair and often fools cowards, liars and selfish hides in high places.

Okay lets take an example this might be a lil thing but fits perfectly. Lets say you are good at studying in class, no-one really talks to you during the whole semester but when exams are near people who didn't talk to you all this time would come up to you for help, will annoy you to death by buzzing your phone on the night before exam. And what happens next, after exams they'll feel insulted to even come and talk to you.

And I am not just saying all this without any reason I have actually seen this happening. And I have been observing many things from quite some time. In life you make many mistakes and yes it's rightly said that you get to learn from your mistakes. Something happened recently which just made me realize that when you start trusting someone too much, putting them ahead of you, giving too much of yourself just because you care eventually there comes a time when they start taking you for granted. As soon as they get what they want they throw you out of their lives like a candy wrapper.
I feel as if I trusted the wrong person all this time, someone whom I used to consider my best friend, the only close friend I had in high school, it all feels wrong now. I feel as if I've been deceived. There's a silent war going inside my head. I try to ignore all of it but this bad feeling keeps coming back I just can't help it.

When you care for someone genuinely you try to give your hundred percent in that relation but when you start to realize that that person doesn't really give a damn about you anymore cuz the purpose to talk to you is finished. You just feel disappointed. Isn't it?
When you get too attached to someone they lead to expectations and expectations eventually lead to disappointments.

So here's what I've learnt in these past few weeks, never give away too much of yourself just because you care because end of the day you don't know if that person has your best interests at heart.
And never let anyone see your weaker side because people take advantage of that.


  1. Just because you love someone, doesn't mean they can make you happy :)

  2. Ofcourse it does make you happy :) but that wasn't the point.
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Expectations lead to disappointments, True, but it's quite obvious when you give your hundred percent into something you expect something in return you can't run away with it.

    1. Exactly and when you get nothing in return it definitely disheartens you.

    2. but this disheartening thing shouldn't stop you from giving your hundred percent.. always give your hundred percent no matter whether you get something in return or not.

    3. Yes but sometimes we give away too much of ourselves without even realizing it that somebody is taking advantahe of that.