Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stuck with a feeling...

Drowning in those memories
Longing to go back in time
Tears trailing down my cheeks
Words left unspoken
Feelings bottled up
There's pain that cannot be felt
Grief that cannot be shown
Heart being pushed aside
There's a void left inside
There I am stuck in the past
Reminiscing old times
All that's left are old photographs
With frosted feelings, I have nowhere to go
Trying to seek what's lost
But all in vain
Clinging to the past as if it's my present
Unsatisfied of my existence
Stuck with that feeling but sadly all that's left are those memories which seem like centuries.


  1. Soo much depth <3 one can actually feel the pain, blog posted right from the heart.. Great work (Y)

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