Friday, March 14, 2014

Explore - That's what will take you ahead

Whenever people see me draw or bake. They get awed as to how did I learn it or who taught me.
And I always exclaim that I've learned it all by myself.
Well guys let me get this clear, see if you have an urge to learn something and you really really want to learn it you'll need to start exploring all by yourself.
Because that's exactly what I did. And in this modern era you have the INTERNET guys, what else do you need, everything is like one click away you don't even have to go out.
You know what our actual problem is?
Well keep thinking m sure you won't be able to find an answer that is unbiased.
The actual problem is we, ourselves, nowadays everybody wants to have everything on a silver platter. In other words 'kisi ko mehnat nahi karni bus paka pakaya hua chahiye'.
They just don't want to explore or work hard for it. They just don't want to help themselves. You see that's the reason we are still behind. I mean I still see guys in colleges getting their practical journals made from girls. 
See I am not saying that asking for help is a bad thing but it's not very good either. We should keep that option as the last resort when we've tried every possible way to help ourselves but were somehow unable to do so. 
And you know what the things you learn and the problems you solve all by yourself it actually gives you alot to learn. Just like we say a person learns from his/her mistakes. 
From what I remember it's been five years that I started baking and you guys won't believe it that I actually didn't own an oven when I started baking I used to do it on the stovetop. I was so fond of baking that I actually found out a way to bake even when you don't have an oven.
I don't even remember asking anybody to give me a tried and tested recipe of cupcakes. Well sometimes it's worth taking the risk :)
 I mean why would I do that when I have the internet.
That's our problem we don't do productive things at all, all we do is waste our time and take things for granted.
Why go ask people for help when you can do it yourself. I've always had this in myself that I don't go asking for help from anyone unless I really really need it. And let me get this clear there's a huge difference in need and want so please don't get me wrong
Most of us ask for help not because they need it, they want it.
So you see the difference?
See always remember never keep yourself from learning something new. Always have an urge to learn and explore because that's what will take you ahead. 
And the things you'll learn from exploring you'll never forget them :)

That's it for now guys I better go and study for my exam tomorrow.