Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cupcake Craze

As I passed by the patisserie my eyes fell on the freshly baked batch of scrumptious cupcakes kept on display. Feeling wishful, someday I’ll have my own patisserie where people would be rushing in to buy my cute lil pretty cuppycakes.
Looking at the cupcake, it’s just like a blissful sight. Almost like one of those moments when you see a new born baby and you go like ‘awwww’. So yeah that’s how it is with me. Out of all those cupcakes the pink one catches my eye. The chocolate cupcake wrapped in a baby pink polka dot cupcake liner. It almost appeared as if the cupcake was dressed in 80s style.
Dark brown, scrumptious, moist chocolate sponge covered with Chocolate Coffee Buttercream with a rich chocolate ganache drizzled on top. The swirl of icing on top of the cupcake done with perfection. These little beauties brought a smile on my face. It’s just like a piece of art. Tempting as it looked trying to resist my temptation but somehow I was unable to do so.
I finally manage to walk in the patisserie with great pleasure thinking of buying a batch of that cupcake. And as I walk in, the sweet whiff of all the baked items make my stomach growl. After a while I come out with a box of six cute lil cuppycakes. My heart melts when I look at the cupcakes, so tempted to eat them there and then, pondering over the question that how can somebody not have a cupcake or not like it.
I ignore all my stupid thoughts and take a bite. And I get lost in the taste as if I’ve entered a food heaven. The ooey gooey chocolate sponge along with the icing just melted in my mouth. Not too sugary, it tasted perfect. On the scale of dark chocolate to milk chocolate, this cupcake was more similar to dark chocolate. And the fact that I enjoy dark chocolate I enjoyed it more
Combining the sweetness of Chocolate Coffee Buttercream icing with the bitter taste of the cupcake meant the flavors simply aided each other by being complete opposites. I think they were meant for each other.


  1. You and cupcakes are made for each other :D

  2. You made me a crave for your cupcakes.. yumm ♥