Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thinking Out Loud

Hey guys,
Hope everyone's doing fine.
So the reason m writing this blog today is to take my mind off things, to pour in my feelings and my frustration here. So yeah basically it means you'll have to read all the crap. You don't have to by the way. Well the choice is yours. 

Nevermind; so I have been super busy these days and multitasking as always :P
I had a really very long day today. Lately I have been juggling with my university classes, internship and well not to forget asssignments, projects and quizzes. Pretty hectic I'd say but well that's life, can't run away from it even if I want to. Haha I so wish I could go back to my childhood years, things were so easy back then. 

Khair, so lately I came across alot of things to ponder over like seriously my head is overloaded with thoughts, I don't know what to do, who should I talk to, or how to get rid of these thoughts I just can't help thinking about them. It's just weird. Just come to think of it most of us kill our dreams thinking k "loag kya sochengay" ya "humein is field mein naukri mileygi ya nahi".
I mean it's true I am a victim of sorts. But you know what end of the day it's the choices we ourselves make, nobody else is to blame. Yes you cannot undo your decisions but you can certainly make changes. As it's often said that "It's never too late".

But nowadays I feel like I am just stuck somewhere, and in order to get somewhere it's really important to get out. But I just don't have the courage to do so. I am scared of failing once again trying to convince my parents. The other day I heard someone say that it's really important to love what you do, because then only you can excel in your life. Doing something that doesn't satisfy you is a complete waste.

Everyday I pull myself out of the bed unwilling to come to university because I don't like what m doing. I feel like fading away in the air. Going somewhere far where no one would find me. Sitting all by myself getting lost in my deep thoughts. *sigh*

If J.K Rowling hadn't tried again and again after several rejections from publishing houses, we wouldn't have been reading Harry Potter today.  So that's the story I've been telling myself again and again lately to convince myself to never stop trying.

 So I confused stuck in a dilemma as always, whether I should quit what m doing and follow my heart or do the other way round. I have all my friends here and quitting and starting newly means a drastic change.

Hayee so yeah that's what's happening with me these days.


  1. Go for what you'd like to do- if your passion is in art or law, do that.. try to convince your parents..

    1. Damn how did you know about law? :P

    2. The science of deduction ;) :D