Sunday, June 29, 2014

Life is too short, Live a little

It's beyond me that some people can be so manipulative, they manipulate their words in such a way that you're forced to listen to them, and that you start doubting yourself.
Sometimes we human beings are so busy doing our own long-term plannings that we often forget the fact that our lives are limited and that we won't be living forever. 

That's when a quote comes in my mind "Life is too short, enjoy it to your fullest".
But ye sub kehnay ki baatein hain nobody ever follows it. They'll nod their heads for a minute maybe and then after that they get back to what they were doing.

I mean guys just come to think of it, we plan years ahead of us, if not years then months, we'll do this we'll do that, we'll go for a vacation, I'll be planning the best birthday party ever, we even plan break-ups. 
Study in a certain field because agay jakey khuwari nai karni paregi', you'll have a secure job and future, marry this guy because his family is nice, or just simply picking up a certain dress in the shop cuz the material is good and it'll last longer. 
Isn't that how we usually think?
We are all busy looking at the long term effect of thing or our action BUT what if we don't even live that long. 

I am not being a pessimist here but that's the truth we all often forget. I am not saying that it's wrong to be prepared beforehand, what m saying is why do something forcefully just for the sake of making somebody happy, or just because it can bring long-term happiness. What if it doesn't, what if it doesn't go as you planned. Things never go as you plan, you don't even know what difference will the next minute bring in your life.

People go on making schedules of what they'll be doing a whole week or a whole month while here I am never sticking to what I plan. 

So rather than listening to people isn't it better to do what you think is right or do what you heart says? Atleast you'll be free from all the feeling of regret 
that you'll have later.

I've been there, done that and trust me it's not a very great feeling. I hate people trying to tell me all the time what to do, what is good for me, what is right or what is best or worst of all what WILL be best in future. It can be annoying isn't it?
Now when m trying to get things back in the right track, the last thing I want is someone lecturing me that I should not do it. I am done listening to people and pleasing everyone
It seems like one big mess, you try to untangle one knot and yet another knot is made waiting to be untangled and then another and so on.

So rather than planning out each minute of your lives, why not live a little because as they say life is too short.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Grenade waiting to explode....

Sitting here in the office, while m sulking over the bunch of evaluation forms I have to tabulate, honestly speaking I feel like burning all of these because they're really giving me a headache. 
Out of all the people they had to give me this mindless job, I mean seriously I can do way better than this. The only problem with me is I don't know how to say no to work.
If I was getting something in return I'd be happy enough to do it. The fact the after doing all this mindless job I ain't getting anything or any pleasure, there's no sense of motivation. It's just really pissing me off today. 

On top of that my stupid laptop keeps on hanging, there's nothing that can evaporate my anger right now. I feel like smacking it on somebody's head right now or maybe smashing it with a baseball bat. 

I hate staying at home during summer vacations and now m hating this place too. 
Rage is welled up inside me right now, m stuck here doing some brainless work while I could have stayed at home and done something else. This is just INSANE. 

It just gets me wondering how do people actually sit in one place and work, I mean come to think of it, they come to the same place everyday, do the same work, wear almost same kinda clothes. Isn't it just boring?

I mean I wouldn't mind doing it if I were doing something I like but still, life is about exploring why confine yourself to one spot when you can do something else. There's is so much social pressure at times, you have to do things in a certain way because "loag kya socheingay". 

I sometimes really wish I was a boy, atleast I could get away with things without having to answer to anyone. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014


With the summer vacations going on, for some odd reason I've become super lazy I don't know why. But it's weird I was all excited about my internship and stuff but now I just don't feel like going back there. That's the problem with me I get bored very easily, I need something new, something interesting now, something different. 

Being at home seems peaceful, God knows how will I ever be able to run my own business with this kinda attitude. Gosh I'm weird I know and confusing too, can't help it. 

So on the other hand I've been baking alot lately but I've stopped experimenting new things, I should do that more often. I've been painting alot, oil painting and watercolours, I even thought about selling my paintings but then I just ignored that thought. 

So I have FINALLY talked to my family about switching from BBA :P 
Gosh it took alot of courage to talk to my mum but oh well tears always work :P
I should've used that tactic before I'm so stupid.

One thing I really wanted to do this summers was travel to northern areas of Pakistan. Get to see the nature's beauty, take some time away from the city but it's not possible for the time being. 

The other thing I want to do which I can still do is learn to play a guitar.

On the other hand it seems as people forget you as soon as the semester ends, all the text messages I get the whole day are from Djuice and Telenor internet, depressing right? 

I feel dead seriously, I have been working on a scrapbook lately for my best friend's birthday, and now I know why do people charge so much for selling these customized scrapbooks, that's cuz there's shit loads of work in it, very time comsuming and alot of sticking to do, the only part of DIY which I hate :P

So that's it for now.
Laters ;)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ginger - My Lil Furball :')

Just when everything seemed sad and depressing, my sister brought me a lil kitten with the summer vacations on the go. As nervous as I was to hold it, when it was handed to me for the first time it just felt like one of those moments when a newly-born baby is given to the mother haha. 

It looked up at me with it's big beady eyes wondering who I was. Like how Sherlock tries to figure people out with just one look. 

This fuzzy little creature in a shoebox brought a smile on my face just instantly. A tiny little ball of fur, light amber in colour with streaks of white fur blending in just perfectly. It's big beady watery eyes giving away a look of cuteness, it's tiny little baby pink nose and the big ears sticking out. It's paws were soft, but as soon as you touch it, the sharp nails stick out as of wolverine's hahaha :P

It slept after a while, sleeping like it hadn't slept for a while. Gosh I could watch it sleep all day, it looked so adorable. 

So when Ginger (yes that's what I named him) finally decides to wake up, he starts getting friendly with me realizing that he'll have to live with me now. Following me as I go about the room, playful, fluffy little ginger starts wagging it's tail. Playing with the ball running around the room kicking the ball and making mini jumps, playing football with it's own self. Busy in exploring my room from every angle. 

Guess now I don't even need an alarm clock to wake up early in the morning as Ginger wakes me up. I was fast asleep when I felt something fluffy beside me. My eyes fluttered open at the touch, and I see ginger looking at me as if it was studying me all this time, sitting on the cushion just like a king, it stood up and came and sat on my pillow. I was surprised as it was cuddling, I  resisted the urge to move it away from my pillow, ginger rested his chin atop my head, sniffing compulsively, jumping up nuzzling against my hair.

That's the thing about these lil furballs they've enslaved the mankind with their cuteness :')