Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Grenade waiting to explode....

Sitting here in the office, while m sulking over the bunch of evaluation forms I have to tabulate, honestly speaking I feel like burning all of these because they're really giving me a headache. 
Out of all the people they had to give me this mindless job, I mean seriously I can do way better than this. The only problem with me is I don't know how to say no to work.
If I was getting something in return I'd be happy enough to do it. The fact the after doing all this mindless job I ain't getting anything or any pleasure, there's no sense of motivation. It's just really pissing me off today. 

On top of that my stupid laptop keeps on hanging, there's nothing that can evaporate my anger right now. I feel like smacking it on somebody's head right now or maybe smashing it with a baseball bat. 

I hate staying at home during summer vacations and now m hating this place too. 
Rage is welled up inside me right now, m stuck here doing some brainless work while I could have stayed at home and done something else. This is just INSANE. 

It just gets me wondering how do people actually sit in one place and work, I mean come to think of it, they come to the same place everyday, do the same work, wear almost same kinda clothes. Isn't it just boring?

I mean I wouldn't mind doing it if I were doing something I like but still, life is about exploring why confine yourself to one spot when you can do something else. There's is so much social pressure at times, you have to do things in a certain way because "loag kya socheingay". 

I sometimes really wish I was a boy, atleast I could get away with things without having to answer to anyone. 

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  1. Boys do more of the sitting work too, although I myself hate sitting around. I guess it is better than staying home and doing nothing. STING pilo and cool down :)