Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ginger - My Lil Furball :')

Just when everything seemed sad and depressing, my sister brought me a lil kitten with the summer vacations on the go. As nervous as I was to hold it, when it was handed to me for the first time it just felt like one of those moments when a newly-born baby is given to the mother haha. 

It looked up at me with it's big beady eyes wondering who I was. Like how Sherlock tries to figure people out with just one look. 

This fuzzy little creature in a shoebox brought a smile on my face just instantly. A tiny little ball of fur, light amber in colour with streaks of white fur blending in just perfectly. It's big beady watery eyes giving away a look of cuteness, it's tiny little baby pink nose and the big ears sticking out. It's paws were soft, but as soon as you touch it, the sharp nails stick out as of wolverine's hahaha :P

It slept after a while, sleeping like it hadn't slept for a while. Gosh I could watch it sleep all day, it looked so adorable. 

So when Ginger (yes that's what I named him) finally decides to wake up, he starts getting friendly with me realizing that he'll have to live with me now. Following me as I go about the room, playful, fluffy little ginger starts wagging it's tail. Playing with the ball running around the room kicking the ball and making mini jumps, playing football with it's own self. Busy in exploring my room from every angle. 

Guess now I don't even need an alarm clock to wake up early in the morning as Ginger wakes me up. I was fast asleep when I felt something fluffy beside me. My eyes fluttered open at the touch, and I see ginger looking at me as if it was studying me all this time, sitting on the cushion just like a king, it stood up and came and sat on my pillow. I was surprised as it was cuddling, I  resisted the urge to move it away from my pillow, ginger rested his chin atop my head, sniffing compulsively, jumping up nuzzling against my hair.

That's the thing about these lil furballs they've enslaved the mankind with their cuteness :')

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