Thursday, June 5, 2014


With the summer vacations going on, for some odd reason I've become super lazy I don't know why. But it's weird I was all excited about my internship and stuff but now I just don't feel like going back there. That's the problem with me I get bored very easily, I need something new, something interesting now, something different. 

Being at home seems peaceful, God knows how will I ever be able to run my own business with this kinda attitude. Gosh I'm weird I know and confusing too, can't help it. 

So on the other hand I've been baking alot lately but I've stopped experimenting new things, I should do that more often. I've been painting alot, oil painting and watercolours, I even thought about selling my paintings but then I just ignored that thought. 

So I have FINALLY talked to my family about switching from BBA :P 
Gosh it took alot of courage to talk to my mum but oh well tears always work :P
I should've used that tactic before I'm so stupid.

One thing I really wanted to do this summers was travel to northern areas of Pakistan. Get to see the nature's beauty, take some time away from the city but it's not possible for the time being. 

The other thing I want to do which I can still do is learn to play a guitar.

On the other hand it seems as people forget you as soon as the semester ends, all the text messages I get the whole day are from Djuice and Telenor internet, depressing right? 

I feel dead seriously, I have been working on a scrapbook lately for my best friend's birthday, and now I know why do people charge so much for selling these customized scrapbooks, that's cuz there's shit loads of work in it, very time comsuming and alot of sticking to do, the only part of DIY which I hate :P

So that's it for now.
Laters ;)

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