Monday, July 7, 2014

Enjoy the lil things....

The other day I was making a scrapbook for my friend's birthday, a friend who practically has everything and is very dear to me. Somebody saw me making it and said you could give her something else rather than this stupid scrapbook. 
This got me wondering we human beings have become so materialistic isn't it?, our lives revolve around laptops, smartphones, technology, bags, shoes and god know what.

Well to be honest I could have given her something else as well but nothing could fill in those memories that a simple book can. A few photographs from your schooldays can take you back to the past you don't even need Hermione Granger's timeturner for that, a few embarrassing pictures can make you laugh your ass off, a few lines can bring tears in your eyes.  

I don't know maybe you guys won't agree with what m saying but we often forget there's so much that life has to offer to us but we are too busy to notice those things because we are so busy planning out our lives for future that we forget about the present. 

The thing is we are blinded by technology nowadays, I mean how often do you guys actually sit and have a proper family dinner. I'm sure not that often. Our parents are talking to us but we are busy texting someone on the phone. We don't realize that we are missing way too much.

I've always been attracted to mere ordinary things, a mother's hug, sitting on my house's rooftop and looking up at the night sky, enjoying the sunset, looking at the birds chirping early morning or just watching my pet play soccer with a simple paperball. Getting bunch of books or just handmade card as a birthday present. It's the sentiments that count not the objects.

You see we have made our lives so very complicated all we see is material objects, oh what brand is he/she wearing, where are they going for a vacation etcetera etcetera. Just take a stroll in the park in the evening or at night and sit and just look up at the sky. Admire it's beauty or for instance just go to the beach and observe the sunset you'll know what you were missing. 

We always dream about what we don't have and what we have to achieve but how about we actually start thanking God for what we already have. We fail to notice the charm of the things we already have but realize it only when they're taken away from us. Isn't it?

We are busy chasing material objects. But what we fail to notice is that some of the best things in life are for free. We only need to start looking around and acknowledge them.

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