Monday, February 23, 2015

Both Worlds

It's just so ironic that when you wish for that one thing, that one thing you've always ever wanted and that one thing you thought would always make you happy when you finally get it, it ends up making you not very happy.

Well maybe it does make you happy for a while but then after sometime it just loses it's charm.
It's just not overwhelming anymore.
It's just not that shiny new toy anymore.

Well I don't mean to sound ungrateful at all but I'm just stating the fact, that's how it is. Right?

At one point I used to think that satisfaction and happiness go hand in hand. But now I don't think that's how it is anymore. I don't know maybe I am wrong. Or maybe too many expectations just lead to disappointments.

You know how we think that when we'll get what we want, it'll just change everything. And that very picture we paint in our mind about that drastic change that's gonna take place. 
Well maybe that change is not very drastic maybe it's not even close to a change or maybe it's way too drastic, more than you ever expected.
That's exactly where your fear and disappointment starts.

Usually when you start a new journey of life, you feel enthusiastic and fearful at the same time. Enthusiastic for the new experiences that you'll be having and the fear of losing people who are important to you. 
And on goes those long weepy messages and those long promises of staying in touch forever. 
Then as you go along the path unravelling the new experiences ahead and when you look back, you realize that life goes on and nobody gives a shit whether you stay or don't. And just in a matter of time you know who really matters the most and who doesn't.

At times you just happen to push the right people away unintentionally and when you realize that, it's just too late. 

Clinging to old things is pure human nature. No matter how pleasant or unpleasant those things are but at one point, you certainly are going to miss them. 

You just can't let go and maybe that's the barrier to happiness.

Most of the times you just keep going back and forth. Back to old places to see those old faces just to keep yourself sane and forth because you have to.

And at times you just want to merge them both, have the best of both worlds. But too bad that just isn't possible.

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