About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Rida. I love baking and am completely obsessed with food. Oh and I also love drawing and painting.

My ultimate dream is to study at Le-Cordon Bleau and open my own little patisserie.

So I started off during my summer vacations, when one fine evening, I creamed butter and sugar, stirred in the flour and the eggs, popped them in the oven and ta-da!

The smell of freshly, homemade baked stuff wafting over me, the moment I opened the oven door, was the moment of total bliss!

So with my baking on full swing, I started this blog to keep track of my baking/cooking attempts. On my blog you'll find recipes which I have tried and tested, tips on baking and my adventures in the kitchen. Apart from that I'll be pouring in my thoughts and all my artsy stuff :P

This blog is a place for me to pour my creativity, share my experiences, recipes and inspire others to cook their hearts out for the ones they love. And... to be fearless in the kitchen and in the world!
I'll be looking forward to your feedback. Thanks for stopping by......

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  1. Even Though I'm Never Gonna Cook Any Of These Recipes, I'm Still Gonna Look At Every Picture And Everything You Added Just To Feel The Poetry Behind Every Edible Thing You Create. [this is not my introduction]

    I Shall Be Your First Customer When You Establish Your Location. :D & You Can Serve Me Free Food For That Day. [i'm not even joking]

    1. Thanks for stopping by and giving your feedback on my blog :)
      I really appreciate it :)

  2. I finally took the time to look at your blog, It's great, the pictures I mean. I still haven't read anything beside the titles but i plan to, soon.

    1. Thankyou Sir for stopping at my blog :)
      Hope you enjoy reading my posts.