Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Forever doesn't exist

Hey there guys so I've never been good at writing poems but the first ever poem I wrote Stuck with a feeling got selected in IBA's event so it feels really good. So here's another one:

How we once used to promise each other that we'll be friends forever
That no matter what we'll stick together
No matter what happens we won't fight
We used to share every lil detail
Act as crazy as we can when we used to be together
As silly as one could get
Laugh our ass off
Getting mad at each other on purpose just to tease 
Texting all day long till our fingers hurt
But still we never ran out of things to talk about
Never got bored of each other's company
Instead we became so used to it that without texting each other, life seemed incomplete
Our lives were like intertwined
Sometime isn't it weird how that one misunderstanding can change everything 
How that one fight can bring everything down
How your best friend can become your enemy in a minute
How those promises of forever turn into a few short months that you'd give anything to have it back.
How life can be so unpredictable
How people come and go
Here I am with nowhere to do
With a hole left in my heart
Deep down there's pain which cannot be felt 
Cannot be seen.
My tears hold my fears
I miss you more than words 
All that I have is equal to nothing
All I can wish for is
Wishing you were here

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