Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nobody Understands...

There comes a time in life when you desperately want to share your feelings, express yourself to someone cuz all this time you've been bottling up your thoughts. It's just so difficult to talk to somebody because nobody would understand you better than yourself. 

Even if you do share your thoughts, they'd think you are a piece of boring shit whose always confused and whining. Everybody seems too busy or they are least bothered.

You can't seem to find a reason for your existence, sometimes you really need a shoulder to cry on, a reassuring smile which tells you that don't worry everything's going to be just fine. 

Looking around for a friend, who once used to see your worried face and could tell that something is wrong. It's weird how people make promises and forget them so easily, or pretend that they care, but they don't, say they'll always stick around but they don't.

Being alone feels best most of the times, infact even when you're among people your mind is wandering somewhere else. 

Sometimes scribbling on a piece of paper feels better then actually talking to someone.

Here I am lying down, looking up, watching the sky with the winds blowing, the space above me, closet to heavens, and most beautiful and majectic at night. 

It's just like meditation like a stress releasing therapy. Sometimes that's all you want to do, listen to soft music, look up to  the sky, and contemplate or just cry. 

The sky is sometimes seen as vast and empty but all I see is a gigantic doorway to adventures and dreams.

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